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The most unbloated password manager

Passky is a simple, modern, lightweight, open-source and secure password manager.

Passky Design


Ease of use

Our main goal for Passky is to be the easiest password manager to use. On Passky's main page you can see all your saved passwords, can search for specific ones, edit them and copy information with just one click.

Software & Hardware 2FA

Unlike some other password managers, we do care about security, that's why users can use both, Software and Hardware two-factor authentication for completely free.

Import & Export

Passky allows you to import passwords from all other major password managers in just a couple of seconds. Not only that, but Passky can also export your passwords to different password managers, so you can switch from Passky to any other password manager without any problems.

Multiple languages

With help from our users, Passky now supports 25 languages! If your language is missing and you want to contribute to this project, you can easily translate it on Crowdin.

Passky languages

Multiple themes

Customize the look and feel to your desires! Select from countless pre-built themes or make your own one in less than five minutes.

Passky themes